Speak Up! has been designed for citizens who, suffering a socio-political injustice, wish to express and share their outrage amongst themselves to the outside world.

With Speak Up! everybody can create a virtual leaflet to highlight a social problem. Inside the interactive space users can discuss and add ideas and comments or strengthen the best leaflets by voting for them.

The leaflet can be sent to other users around the city, or posted virtually on urban surfaces. The discussion shared on social media through Likes or Tweets.

The MISSION is to gather citizens through the app that suffer for the same issue but don't know each other or don't know the way to create a community and start a public demonstration.

In fact the virtual leaflets have a deadline and forecast a public demonstration in which users are free to join.

During the demonstration the App generates a QR code, allowing information to be spread faster and increase the number of participants, even if they don’t have the SpU! 

Then it provides a final infographics about the whole leaflet process: virtual discussion, and history, keywords, event details, internet buzz.


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Prototype demonstration video for Speak Up!



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