ROBO is an graphics incremental App designed to give a transversal UX from the usual social platforms.

Each user builds his/her own profile, strictly connected to a customized graphics motif, and the location on the map.

The graphics motif increases its shape, quality and colors when the user comes across another. Everyone donate his/her own graphics motif to the others building a motif of graphics potentially infinite and linked to their profiles.

Furthermore the graphic pattern shakes and vibrates suggesting the presence of the another member of ROBO community. Users can check other users' profile tapping on the graphics that they collected, one by one, and localize them on the map. At this point they can choose to let the graphics go or meet up with whom is behind the graphics.

The MISSION is to increase strangers curiosity and encourage them to meet for a sprizt! Creates a community of adventurous, with a passion for graphics, that want to share their own experience around the city but doesn't know nobody.

The profile shows just few informations about the person behind. In this way the App wuold invite to look around for a person and not get stuck on the screen. 
The flags patterns are inspired by nautical language (typical of Venetian daily life) and distinguishes each user as unique individual through a customized graphics.



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